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Calvin Klein for Women: The stylish underwear you'll ever find

Girl in a t-shirt Calvin Klein for women with a phone

A brand like Calvin Klein for women is recognized in the fashion world for many things; its elegant clothes, the incredible shoes and the beautiful bags of its different collections. However, it is the underwear that gets all the attention, despite not being too flashy, or even controversial like many other brands.

The popularity of a label like Calvin Klein for women as an underwear brand is one of the greatest in the fashion business. For years,celebrities have been the image of Calvin Klein clothing, from Kate Moss to Kendall Jenner to Eva Mendes to Brook Shields and many famous models in classic underwear.

Most of the underwear you 'll find in the Calvin Klein for women section of Hermosaz has a classic style, which is a must-have for everyday wear. Lingerie is for special occasions, but these clothes should prevail in your drawers; however, this does not mean that you cannot look super sexy with it.

However, as we mentioned at the beginning, Calvin Klein for women is not only about underwear; Therefore, next, we will talk about the garments and accessories that you’ll find in the Hermosaz catalog. In addition, we will tell you a little about the history of this renowned brand and how it achieved the recognition it has today.

Calvin Klein for Women: A little bit of history

Designer Calvin Klein founded his company in 1968 with the idea of creating bold designs in men's clothing. It would not be until three years later that he would launch his first Calvin Klein for women line in order to reach a broader market. Mainly, this new line of clothing for women consisted of underwear and some sportswear.

Everything Calvin Klein for women launched in the early 1970s had the designer's signature minimalist style that is prevalent in most of the clothes that are sold today. This classic style is accompanied by seductive and bold images, the same for which this international brand is also recognized.

Today, Calvin Klein for women is a leading fashion apparel brand; its aesthetic remains clean and innovative, without losing the audacity that its garments have had since the beginning. The annual earnings it has in all the countries where its garments are sold is greater than more than 9 billion dollars, a figure that has been growing since 2017.

That white elastic with black Calvin Klein label is easily identified by anyone, fashion savvy or not. Those who have underwear Calvin Klein for women in their drawer can see how comfortable and delicate they are. In addition, they recognize that all the rest of their catalog available on Hermosaz is incredible and worth having in the closet.

Girl in a white top by Calvin Klein for women
Girl with underwear Calvin Klein for women

Calvin Klein for Women clothes in the Hermosaz catalog

  • Calvin Klein for women underwear: Perhaps they are the most recognized clothes of the brand and that you’ll find practically anywhere. They all have the minimalism that distinguishes the Calvin Klein label, but they have a particular design that makes each release different; Check all your options here.

  • Calvin Klein for women dresses: If there is something that distinguishes the dresses of a brand like Calvin Klein, it is how simple and feminine they are. This style makes them extremely elegant; Remember that an LBD (Little Black Dress) for any special occasion cannot be missing from your closet.

  • Calvin Klein for women jeans: The casual trend that occurred in the 1990s came to this brand to stay with Calvin Klein jeans. One of the first women to promote them was Brooke Shields with the renowned relaxed look that prevailed during those years, moving away from the shine of the 80s.

  • Calvin Klein for women bags: Bucket bags, handbags, shoulder bags and crossbody bags are just some examples of the kinds of bags a brand like Calvin Klein made. All of them have the minimalistic aesthetic that the brand has, but that doesn't mean that they aren't beautiful and amazing.

  • Calvin Klein for women shoes: As for shoes, the brand makes everything from the most elegant pairs to sandals that you can wear when you go for a swim. At Hermosaz, you will find more than 100 Calvin Klein shoe options from your favorite stores, so start now to review our complete catalog and order the ones you like the most.

You can buy all this from your favorite stores; At Hermosaz we select the best from each store to offer you different options in one place. From this section of Calvin Klein for women, you can find what you like most from the brand and order it to your home for the lowest possible price.

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