Pantone Color of the Year 2019: Living Coral

PANTONE Color of The Year 2019: Living Coral By Betty Li Every…

Hermosaz most wanted: JUNE

Hermosaz most wanted: JUNE what shoppers are buying this month By…

The dress you need for any special occasion

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Ana Caluca

A Fashionista from Spain who's also a lawyer.

The pair of earrings every Latina needs

I am wearing my grandmother’s earrings! The earrings that have survived generations among Latinas

Isabella Rubin

A Venezuelan born model from Orlando, Florida who has passion for modeling.

Featured Fashionista: Desirée Velásquez

Desirée Velásquez is a Puerto Rican fashionista from Chicago. Having lived in Madrid, Spain for half a decade has given her a different perspective on fashion which she shares on her blog Fashionlingual.