Evangelina Williams

A fashionista from Mexico who loves Louis Vuitton

Carmen Torres Blanco

A model and fashionista from Spain with her unique style of swimwear.

Cathia Sanchez

A Mexican model living in Vallejo, her favorite designers is Negin Mirsalehi.

Nadia Hernandez Meza

A Mexican fashionista, that loves photography and shares her unique style.

Sarah Sofia Sanchez

A Mexican fashionista from Guadalajara, who admires Zara and Dolce&Gabbana brands.

Isabella Rubin

A Venezuelan born model from Orlando, Florida who has passion for modeling.

Barbara Ledea Ramirez

A Cuban model and actress who has a great sense of fashion and style.
Stefania Bianchi

Stefania Bianchi

A model born in Venezuela with Spanish/Italian roots, her favorite brand is Versace for their elegance, classiness and originality.
Anna Pavlova Castelo

Anna Pavlova Castelo

A Mexican model from Hermosillo, Sonora whose favorite brand is Zara.