Ámar Pacheco

​Ámar Pacheco

​Miss World 2020

Residence: ​​​​​​Ecuador

Nationality: Ecuadorian

Instagram: @amarpacheco

What do you like about being Latina?

I love how exotic and versatile Latinas are, blonde or brunette but with "tumbao" as Celia Cruz would say. We are passionate and madly in love with our country, our people, and we also love our neighbor countries and brothers of other nationalities in the same way. Latinas are joy, good humor, amazing food, landscapes, music, unique in our own way. I love being Latina.

What does fashion mean to you and how would you define your style?

Fashion is a way to express yourself, it has proven to be very relative through the years but precise to define times. My style is relaxed, sophisticated but fresh at the same time, I am in the wave of turtleneck sweaters and high waisted jeans.

Who is your fashion icon?

I do not know if it counts, but the character of Jennifer Aniston in Friends, Rachel, is always going to be a fashion icon in my life, I love the style of the character. I also love Coco Chanel as well, I would dress like her every day.

How does your culture influence your personal style?

When I travel, I love to wear handmade hats from my country, for example, wearing long colored earrings or bracelets, I love Andean jewelry and how I can merge my culture with my style.

If your life were a movie, what should the title be?

“Yes you can!"

What actresses or models do you think have the best style?

Lily Collins is so classic and spectacular on every red carpet. I also like Blake Lively, she always surprises me. I also love Gigi Hadid, she is always very sophisticated and chic. They are my favorites.

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